Long Distance Relationships

I’d like to thank OITNB for inspiring this post. As most of us know, Piper goes to prison, which involves leaving her poor fiancée alone at home for 15 months. As strange as it is, this is considered a type of long distance relationship.

I think half of the enjoyment I receive from this show deals with the fact that I too, am in a long distance relationship. And honestly, it’s refreshing to see it onscreen. But just so we’re clear, I’m not in jail nor am I involved in a relationship remotely similar to the characters in the show. Also, kudos to all you Army wives because you’re on a whole different level that I fully respect. Power to you, I know it’s hard.

My boyfriend lives in Oklahoma. I live in California. We’ve been dating for 3 1/2 years. 1 of those years has been spent apart, and it’s been one of the most challenging elements in my life. He’s earning a PhD and will be there for another 4 years, so positivity runs weary at times. BUT, I can also say that it has been one of the greatest adventures and eye-opening experiences of my lifetime thus far.


Miss Independent 

I’m in the worst year of my 20’s (23), and the thought of not having my best friend by my side was a nightmare in itself. I dreaded the idea of not being able to hug the one I loved after stressful days at my new full time job. I soon realized that I needed to put my big girl pants on and suck it up. I think there’s a word for it – independence.

He and I were physically inseparable before he left, and now I sometimes sleep alone in an empty apartment night after night. I could never sleep without someone in the house, and now I do it all the time! I’m more organized, healthier, becoming closer with my girlfriends and family, and focusing on me and my goals. The best part? I can do whatever I please, and know that there’s someone many, many miles away who is still able to take care of my heart in the most beautiful way.

Newfound Levels of Appreciation

We’ve all been there. You get off work, call up your dude, pick a place to eat, go home, watch a movie, cuddle, and call it a day. Then you put it on repeat. I’m not saying that companionship and regularity aren’t freaking awesome (because they are, and I’m jealous), but the flame is at a minimum. With long distance, the fire has never burned brighter. I’ll admit that talking on the phone and exchanging cutesy pics do get old after awhile, but the passion within the relationship is inextinguishable.

I still get butterflies after 3 years. Are you kidding me? I’m nervous the first hour I’m with him after a long period of absence. And you know what we do? We hike! Cook! Rent the worst scary movies! Find music festivals to go to! Laugh uncontrollably! No matter what, the relationship is always exciting. I look forward to those days with him, I dream about the adventures, and I count down the days until I get to be with my most favorite person. He still drives me nuts at times, but you always appreciate the other because you have the time and absence to do so.

Deeper Meaning

I’ve been so cheesy throughout this whole post, so here’s my last segment of good vibes towards long distance relationships: I fall more in love with him everyday. And if you’re in a healthy long distance relationship, I’m sure you can agree. Like Winnie The Pooh said, “How lucky am I to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.” You got that right, Winnie! I ball my eyes out every plane ride home and kiss goodbye. No amount of Oklahoma shaped products from Etsy will make me feel whole again. It’s who you’re with that allows you to hold on, keep going, and never give up. I feel that I’m at an age where I know well enough to never give something up that’s worth fighting for.

Wanna know how you truly feel about someone? Go away for a few months. The foundation of your relationship will truly be put to the test.

In conclusion, don’t be sad or get scared (easy to say, harder to do…I know). If it’s meant to be, it will be.

Que sera, sera.

Oh, and I really hope Piper and Larry get back together.




Ballin’ On A Budget

I’m 23, freshly graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion Merchandising, and quickly learning how fast my money goes. The paychecks come and go, and I’m left with little to no savings. So I’ve decided (today) that it’s time to make a change. Listen up, female friends:

I took some inspiration from the lovely Marie Claire Magazine. They wrote a great article titled, “The Rich Girl’s Money Rules to Live By”, and I’ve taken my own version of notes when it comes to spending my hard earned cash.

These rules were made to teach us how to make the most of what we’ve got – and earn more money while we’re at it. Follow these tips and you’ll start to feel like your semi-adult life could potentially be in order:

Mint Is Your Friend

Before I tell you what it is, download an app called “Mint” or go to Mint.com. In the simplest terms, this program helps you finance your life. It paints a picture of your bank account, transactions, loans, and investments in a colorful, easy-to-read format. Enter your account information depending on what cards you want it to be linked to, and Mint will do the rest. Personally, I love the fact that you can put yourself on a specified budget and it will tell you how much you’re allowed to spend on gas, food, and personal care! Extra bonus: It’s 100% SAFE.

Limit Yourself

It’s Pay Day, and you’re treating your friends to dinner! Oops, how much was that bill last night? It’s time to make a budget. But don’t stress because in this day in age, all you need is your iPhone. Try downloading “Spend” for $.99. This app literally tells you how much you can spend for the day, week, or month. What a lifesaver! Because let’s be honest, we all get a little cash happy at times.

Build Your Credit

I don’t know about you, but I only have 1 credit card. Older folks are constantly telling me to, “build credit”. Why? Because one day you might need a loan, or rent an apartment, or perhaps buy a house! You need a line of credit in order for lenders to make decisions about how much money they are willing to give you. If you don’t have any credit history, they’ll be clueless as to how you are able to manage debt – thus they won’t help you. Build credit in a safe way by opening a few credit cards, only charging what you can pay off in full, and paying on time every month. In the end, you’ll be reaping the benefits of having a good credit score.

Invest In A Flask

Alright, I’m throwing in some realistic rules now. Stop spending money on drinks! My friends and I like to set a rule that involves only buying 1 drink while we’re out at the bars. I have one word for you: Pregame.

Healthy Is Cheap

Ever notice that fruits and veggies are never more than a few dollars? Eating right can ultimately help you save those precious dollars. Instead of buying a 5 dollar bag of sweet potato fries, buy 2 sweet potatoes for LESS than 5 dollars, slice them up, spray some oil on, and create your own. It’s healthier, AND cheaper. Also, beans fill you up the same way meat does. Extra savings if you’re a vegetarian!

Take The Bus

The bus builds character. Plain and simple. PS – don’t forget the pepper spray.

And most importantly…


What I’m trying to say is, be your own breadwinner. No man is a financial plan. Be sure to check out Sophia Amoruso’s book, “#GIRLBOSS” for some kickass financial advice and overall women empowerment vibes.

Who run the world? Girls.

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Lisa here, the front half of LisandLaur, our brand new blog showcasing what it means to have your cake and (every once in a while) eat it too. Last week we had the opportunity to hang out at Maker City LA (where I work) with the Fashion Group International of Los Angeles, who were presenting in our Atelier Room. They had a panel called “Fashion + Tech Trend” discussing how current trends, especially with social media, have impacted the Fashion Industry.

As members of this hip new on-trend and always-connected society, Lauren and I were obviously buried in our phones as the panel continued to remind us of the necessity to always be engaged, keep it…

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Drunchie Boycott

My name is Lauren and I am a hypochondriac.

But this time, I’m like, actually sick and my funeral may or may not be around the corner.

Just kidding, or am I?! Case in point: this is how my brain works.

So for all of you just like me (cracked out on anxiety), stay away from drunchies alright. Drunchies = drunk + munchies. Unless you’re going to take a cab home and bathe in your own freshly made grilled cheese, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD stay away from fast food.

Let me explain my downfall:

*I’m at the bars with friends when 2am rolls around and that 24 hour place down the street has breakfast burritos*

Pre-food poisoning self: This is what dreams are made of. I’ve been thinking about this drunk meal all night.

Post-food poisoning self: BACK YOSELF UP, you nasty maggot filled burrito. Ugh.

I spent last night rolling around with a 102 fever and occasional trips to the bathroom to puke up whatever my body didn’t agree with. I’m sorry if this is maybe an ounce of too much graphic detail, but I’m trying to save you.

It’s terrible.


In fact, try not to eat a big snack after drinking (unless you really, really need it). It’s a lot of digesting and work for your body to perform while you sleep, thus you will ultimately make it harder on yourself and could possibly receive a bloated belly in the morning.

Instead, drink a few glasses of water and dream of the huge, savory breakfast you’ll get to treat yourself to in the morning.

Eat safe, friends.


Oh hi.

So this is happening! I’ve created a blog like the rest of my college grad peers.

The scoop:

  • My name is Lauren.
  • 22 years young.
  • I live in Long Beach, CA.
  • I work as a Graphic Designer & Social Media Strategist.
  • At 5’10 and 120 pounds, I also model in my spare time.
  • I’m in a long distance relationship.

Through the interweb, I will be documenting my crazy and fast paced life. I’m overly addicted to love and everything that deals with fashion. That about sums up what I’ll be covering throughout my blog. Hope it interests you! If not, thanks for stopping by ;)