I Moved For Love (& nothing else)

Ballsy: tough & courageous

“a cool, ballsy woman who could not be intimidated”

I had never considered myself as being a “ballsy” person, until I packed my bags and moved to Oklahoma.

For love. I moved for love.

Moral of the story: long distance relationships make you do crazy things, ya’ll!

I have been living in Tulsa, Oklahoma for 3 months now with my boyfriend of 4 years, and I’ve already had so many inner revelations that I wouldn’t have experienced if I had stayed situated in comfy California (it’s actually not so comfy…it’s quite expensive).

THE POINT IS – this has been good for me.

In all of my 24 years of life on this massive planet called Earth, I had never left home before. I lived in my college town 20 minutes away from my childhood home. That’s the farthest I’ve been from my parents. Ever!

I’m an only child.

“Ohhh, that explains a lot.”

Yeah. Moving on.

If you’re thinking about moving for love, here are some thoughts to consider:

1. Loneliness is a thing.

  • My boyfriend can only fill so much of my time, and I’m not so keen on being a Stage 5 Clinger. I knew I was going to miss my friends, but I didn’t realize how necessary they were to my survival. You cannot replace sisters. And with maybe a few exceptions, Drake was right – no new friends.


2. You will miss home.

  • Well yeah, obviously. But did I think that there were going to be tears streaming down my face once a week? This wasn’t what I signed up for! But slowly but surely, I have been getting stronger with each passing day. Absence from loved ones gives you a beautiful kind of perspective, and I’ll never stray away from that ever again. In fact, I call my grandmas 10x more than I did while living 10 miles away from them!


3. Your love will be tested.

  • Oh my, how it will be tested. My boyfriend and I went a year and a half being thousands of miles away from each other, to straight up living together. HAHA! Your sleeping schedules will be different. You will disagree on dinner. You will whine and complain, and you will whine and complain. Your sweetheart will suddenly turn into that guy who occasionally prefers pointless video games over a quality cuddle session. You will be annoyed. A lot.
  • But if you’re lucky, your love will only continue to grow. Despite the setbacks, I wouldn’t trade my relationship for anything. We are thankful for the storms, and there’s nothing we couldn’t pass through together. Living with him has only proved that I made the right decision to move in the first place.


I am embracing change, but I would by lying if I said that it wasn’t a constant battle. I am ever so grateful for this love in Tulsa, and to have love waiting for me back home in California. I can’t wait for both of these worlds of mine to combine.

And they will. Patience is key.

“What matters most is how well you walk through the fire.” – Charles Bukowski



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